Clear Customs

Trade with the E.U (Brexit)

We here at UK Import Services Limited can assist you with clearing your goods from the European Union.

Goods arriving from the EU can arrive at any of the following Ports:

  • Dover
  • Felixstowe
  • Folkestone (Eurotunnel) or
  • Harwich in the South
  • Or via one of the Ports further North, such as:

  • Hull
  • Immingham,
  • Teesport or
  • Killingholme.
  • Once the transport has been arranged, please can you please advise the following:

  • 01. the Truck/Trailer number,
  • 02. the name of the carrier/ferry operator,
  • 03. EU Port of Departure as well as the estimated departure date, plus
  • 04. the UK Port of arrival and the estimated date that the truck will arrive into the UK?
  • We will also need a copy of the EU Export Customs Declaration (showing an MRN number) as from the 1st Jan. 2022, goods will have to be declared to Customs BEFORE the goods leave the EU.

    We will pre-declare the goods to Customs and advise the Import Entry Reference Number to enable you or your haulier to create a GMR reference number on the GVMS computer system, before making your booking with the ferry operator or other carrier.

    To read more about the GVMS and GMR click Here

    If you need assistance with your road transport, then please contact our Imports Team for further information and a competitive quote.

    Alternatively, why not click here to see the list of UK Ferry terminals where goods often arrive, and which we can assist with clearing your goods through UK Customs at, when necessary.

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